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Welcome to AFRN and Kozmik Radio 1998-2024

AFRN and Our Station AFR plus the Global Voice for Veterans are looking for volunteers to fill multiple positions. We need members on the board of directors and we need people involved with the broadcasting end. The main requirement we have is that you are a veteran and the rest will work out. We need people to do sales, write stories about veteran’s activities and benefits and more. Email

AFRN and its Flag ship Station AFR are very dedicated to serving this Nations Veterans which is why we carry the logo “The Global Voice for Veterans”

Starting January 2015 AFRN Radio AFR will be upgrading our internet stream with the following accessible features.
Show Archives, program archives, new advertisers, new shows, and new country, amount of listeners,
what shows are hot and what shows are not .

Our Player will have real Time features. Stay Tuned

All of the programs on AFR pay to be part of AFRN. We carry TNT, Tony George with College Football and the NFL plus the TEE and Cigar Chat in addition to new country and in the Spotlight along with Remember Then, more shows will be added after we deal with contractual situations.
Don't go away, we get better by the day.

Our Technical support staff will be moving to a professional recording studio very soon, this is a vital part of our broadcast because we would not be on the air without IT support and guidance, we are switching stream providers to a more sophisticated and modern way of listening to radio. We will have archives available to everyone.
All programs aired on AFR have to be approved by the music department whom have an excellent understanding of what is needed and what is missing in broadcasting to our Veterans and are working diligently filling the voids so desperately needed to complete our information on this station. They can be reached at  Please note that we are always looking for promotional programs related to Veterans affairs and families.


Also working alongside of Kozmik Production is Gerald Dodson who tours various VA affiliates and organizations and more representing AFRN and showing you how easy it is to find us on the NET, Gerald Dodson, Kelsey Rose and Rick Young prepare material for the hit program “Remember Then and in the Spotlight” which is then produced by our music department for your pleasure.
We carry programs like the TNT, Tony George and Veterans News.. There is also a great story mix and we will be airing AFRN Archives from the Vietnam era and more, so stay tuned.

Again our main objective is to entertain and be informative with abundant information for our veterans.



.AFRN and AFR the Armed Forces Radio Networks Radio Station are run by Volunteers
from top to bottom, we are all on a mission to raise money for our veterans,
all donation go to the veterans, The operating cost is covered by sponsors.

These are the real men serving our country.




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