Armed Forces Radio Network

Welcome to AFRN, the Global Voice for Veterans.
Our audio lineup is devoted to awareness for our Veterans and all of the active duty personnel.
AFRN is strictly run by Volunteer Veterans, with the exception of a few programs.
We carry programs such as Academic Minutes, Rockin Wrap up, America’s top Twenty, Brain Talk, Country Music, Tony George with Yahoo NFL,
Remember Then with Kelsey Rose and the Ol Sarge,
The Grill Room with Janis Self, Jim Nance, the Lo Down, Moment in Time,
Pat Rose with Set the Hook, Cigar Chat Rob Rasmussen, Dear Mr. Fantasy with Chris McBrien,
New Country.
F.O.C.U.S Females Global Chat Cafe for Women ,by women with Maria Wall. TNT=Thursday Night Tailgate and Next to the Tee with Chris Mascaro, Motor Cycle Riders program WRR “Wild Ride Radio”
ZipCast by Nick Fiorucci and on weekends we have two religious programs.
Deacon Mc Inspiration Show and Rev Tim Tooten.
Our focus is on Veterans News coming directly from the Department of Veterans Affairs..
In addition, we carry info from the White House, some political points of view in our news section.
This station can be found on ITunes and TuneIn which is your phone app. search for “Armed Forces Radio or Armed Forces Radio Network."
The idea of a free press in America is one that we hold in the highest regard.
We believe in bringing our site visitors and our program listeners the widest possible array of Veterans information that comes to our attention.
We have great trust and respect for the American people, our worldwide audience,
and believe them to be fully – capable of making their own decisions and discerning their own realities regarding our Veterans Administration.
If I forgot to list some one please email me and it will be fixed. ***
Yes we are looking for more talk shows (
Preferably for Veterans)or tell us what you have.
If you can talk the talk then join us and walk the walk.
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